Case Study: Special Event Coverage

After developing a friendship with those at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley and learning of their important cause to raise money, it was our privilege to offer our services for their CGC Event or Center for Grieving Children Event.  

And this is what happened next...

Once we confirmed the location of the event venue, we set up an appointment with the auditorium manager to scout out the event area beforehand. We did our video testing, checked for outlets, and decided where we would set up our two cameras. With our questions answered and discovery that two technical operators would be working next to us, we waited for the day of the event.

As professionals, we have at times run into those unexpected "Oh Shoooot!" situations. It can happen! And it can happen at those live events. But how prepared you are, can help minimize or even perhaps eliminate a flaw to the perfect video recording. Unfortunately, we did run into a bit of a snag at this event. The technical operators were unable to plug us into their soundboard. This was unfortunate because this would have given us the optimal sound available for this video event. However, our equipment consists of a high-quality one-directional Rode microphone and the sound was still excellent. And of course, we brought it with just in case! It is difficult to plan for the unexpected -- but necessary to do your best to do so when you are planning for an event that is important to your clients. 

Key Factors

  • Visit the event location beforehand
  • Talk to the manager/technician of venue
  • Expect the unexpected and plan for it

As professionals, we realize that your event is important and special to you! It is so wonderful to be part of your special day. We get the chance to meet wonderful individuals with many great causes. As we worked with those of the Boys and Girls Clubs, it wasn't hard to become attached to their cause. Looking into the eyes of those children in need, hearing their voices tell their stories, talking to the dedicated staff (Hat tip to Marta, Loris, and Greg), and discovering more about this wonderful organization -- we can say that this event and the small part we were allowed to partake in became very special to us as well.